I woke up today and said, “Damn Benji you…are…brilliant! Jeez man…you’re so brilliant.”

What does that have to do with today’s video? Absolutely nothing.

Today’s video shows you how to monetize what you know for a boat-load of money.

Just like me…you’re brilliant.

You have a certain amount of knowledge that you can monetize…but how do you sell your story for a lot of money?

Just because you think you’re valuable, doesn’t mean everyone else does. So how do you get people to see your value?

In marketing, you’ve been told, “Give all your money to Benji Bruce.” And it’s true.

But you’ve also been told, “Find a need and fill it.” So you go out and look for people who need your expertise.

Only to find out that they don’t want to buy. How rude!

So this video will make ‘selling your expertise’ a whole lot easier.