You’re selling a ‘lifestyle change’

  • Problem you solve for them?
  • Getting people to change their lives is HARD
    • They don’t realize what it takes
    • They want the fantasy/dream, not the reality it takes to get it


How I did it…


I didn’t fully commit until 100k/mo (b/c I was doing what I taught)

  • W/o commitment, everything is slow
  • Started with a problem…
    • Entertainers can’t get booked
    • I taught everything b/c I moved out & into speaking


Market wasn’t big = switched to speaker-training

  • I picked a niche within a big market, knowing I can expand


I built website (focuses on the problem)

  • Niche = specific problem


I wrote a book to have something to sell (didn’t have the program yet)


Initially, I created content….wrong wrong wrong

  • Content consumes time


Created SpeakPro Academy

  • 12 videos – cheap at first, then $1,997


Built an opt-in page & lead magnet

  • “What will speakers pay for that I can give for free?”
    • Went into CRM and picked out leads
  • Didn’t spend money on ads yet


Autoresponder sequence

  • 14+ emails


Created content

  • Written blog posts at first
  • Answered questions my audience was asking
    • Quora, Facebook groups, etc


I realized most questions people asked were basic or bad questions

  • Content strategy – not SEO…content/questions that they SHOULD be asking
  • This meant I needed to focus on building the list


Added new info to SpeakPro Academy

  • Tested different products but simplified to SPA


Spent money on ads to build email list

  • Got some sign ups at first but no sales
    • About $5/day
  • Used Paypal at first
  • Someone bought a book & I knew it would work


Invested in training & redesigned the funnel

  • Lead magnet – TY Offer ($7 book) – Autoresponder
  • Then tested $37 ebook TY Offer
    • Less sales but more money


I then spent more on ads & made sales

  • Kept tweaking sales page, etc


Tried different methods of converting

  • Webinars, sales videos, product launches, email, etc


Bought shopping cart to do upsells & downsells


Increased email frequency – daily emails


Spent more money on ads & kept tweaking everything…the rest is history


All of this WHILE booking my own gigs

  • Made me focus on revenue


Started a generic marketing program for companies & repeated the process


You wake up and…Authority Activities

  • Offers
  • Ads
  • Content
  • Emails
  • Sales Videos
  • Funnel creation
  • Programs


Failed the entire way

  • Webinars didn’t work
  • Emails didn’t convert
  • Different sales pages
  • Different lead magnets
  • Facebook ad account shut down
  • Unsure of which market to target


Do-over? = Traffic & Offer

  • Create product
  • Create ONE sales process & master it
  • Build the list (spend $ on ads)
  • Conversion = emails & sales videos
  • Once it works, SCALE WITH MORE ADS
  • Finally do content
    • Social media, video, podcast, etc


Nobody stays in your funnel forever so…

  • Sell immediately
  • Produce content to get the sale later