WHOA! This company had 156 people at their event and made $1 million. That’s impressive. And here’s one of the tricks they used to get so much money out of their event…

I’m not easily impressed.

The only things that impress me are incredible things like… people who can walk and talk. Or people who can text and use emojis. That’s what you call impressive.

And this…selling $1 million at an event with only 156, is REALLY impressive.

I attended this event because a friend of mine works for them and they were in town. So I decide to hang out for a little and listen. And there’s one thing I notice…

…They kept doing one thing over and over and over in their presentations.

I couldn’t stay for the entire 3-day event, but on the last day, I asked my friend, “So how much in sales?”

And he said, “$1 million.”

Yea…making a million in one day is chump change, but still…lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

How did they do it?

What was the one thing they kept doing over and over?

This one thing is what allowed them to sell at their event and it’s something you can use to make your presentations more persuasive.