When you first heard about me, you thought, “Damn…that is one sexy guy.”

But your second thought might have been, “Is this is a scam?”

You were probably pretty skeptical until you decided to stalk me (yea I know you looked me up…you stalker you).

And that’s how most people are when they hear something new.

In fact, I just saw an ad on Facebook from a guy I know who’s made 80 million in sales, and do you know what the first comment was?


I couldn’t help but laugh because that person making the comment clearly has no idea he’s talking to the real deal. And that’s the problem.

Too much skepticism is the enemy of growth.

It’s good to be a little skeptical.

But too much skepticism will close your mind off to information you need to make things happen.

Watch the video.

And keep stalking me if you want…you little stalker you.