I have a bone to pick with content marketing.

If you look around you, you’ll see tons of people doing Facebook Live, filming videos, creating podcasts, and putting out content (especially keynote speakers).

Everyone is doing this because they think it’s the way to promote their business. So instead of building a sales process, they do Facebook Live.

Why? Because it’s much easier to pull out your phone and do a Facebook Live than it is to implement a sales process.

Now I don’t know about you, but I would much rather do content marketing in a way that produces revenue.

When I first learned about content marketing, I started doing it.

But it wasn’t going anywhere. I didn’t start producing a lot of revenue until I did what’s mentioned in the video.

This new video shows you how to scale your content marketing to 7 figures.

And it’s very practical. Very, very practical.

Let the other guys do Facebook Live. You need to make your content profitable.