I booked 2 more speaking gigs this week and here’s how:

(watch the video)

I think I told you this before…I have multiple websites for different markets.

And you’re about to get a glimpse at my ‘Sales Speaker Website’ because it booked 2 sales events this week.

But why? Why is this sales website so effective for getting high paying corporate gigs?

That’s what we talk about in the video.

If you understand the psychology of what makes your speaker site effective, then you can mold it in a way that gets you hired consistently.

In the beginning, my websites didn’t look as awesome as me.

The websites had a lot of text because I didn’t understand what makes a speaker site effective. What gets people to say, “We want to hire this guy.”

Then, I started to put some swag on my site. I’m talking about so much swag that even Brad Pitt has a hard time keeping up.

And little by little, my websites got rid of a lot of text. (You’ll see why when you watch the video)

Getting rid of the text, and strictly focusing on the psychology of what gets people to say, “Lets hire this guy” is what has allowed this website to book high paying sales events for me.

So I’m not bragging, but I’m a genius. I can’t help it.

Watch this video to see why I got these 2 gigs this week.