Emrick is a speaker that put on his own sales event and he wants to speak with more sales teams.

So in this video, we go over how he could have gotten more people to his event and what he needs to do to get hired for sales events.

And at the end of the video, you’ll also see a very simple way on how to find speaking opportunities for sales events (and who to talk to)

Emrick put on a sales event and went door to door to get people to attend. So we’re going to talk about what he could have done better.

…In fact, just the tip at the end of this video can make you a gazillionaire.

Yes…a gazllionaire. Forget Bill Gates.

Pretty soon the world will be chanting your name as the richest person in the world because the tip in this video will show you exactly how to find sales events.

So check out the new video on what I would change for a sales speaker named Emrick