If you want to market yourself, then in the beginning, you’re in a sucky situation.

Think of it like this…what happens when you’re growing your business in the beginning? You want to speak on stages, sell products, etc. What happens?

In one word: Nothing.

When you contact events, they keep saying “We don’t pay.” Or “Send us your stuff” and you never hear from them again.

When you create Facebook Live videos and nobody watches, you get demotivated.

When you create products and nobody buys, you get demotivated.

And when you get demotivated enough, you give up.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t care why someone gives up.

Whether a person runs out of money, has bad luck, or gets demotivated. The world doesn’t care. Bill Gates said it best,

“Life is not fair. Get used to it.”

So this new video talks about what you need to do if you’re in the position where you’re trying to market yourself, but it’s taking you longer than you thought.