Oh no you did-n-t (attitude head-shake and finger pointing at you) just ask me to communicate my ROI as a speaker in 30 seconds or less.

How many times have you heard a guru say that?

“Can you answer ‘what do you speak about’ in 30 seconds or less and communicate the ROI?”

My response…

….”Man, you cray-cray.” (that means ‘crazy’ for all you folk who aren’t ‘with it’)

Find out why that’s such a crazy thing to do as a speaker (by watching the video)

Really though…have you ever heard someone say that you should be able to communicate your value/ROI when someone asks you what you speak about?

Without knowing it, speakers are doing it all wrong.

If you’ve ever thought about an answer to that question (or if you have one)…

…just stop…

…And watch the video (it will make you rethink everything)