Robyn sent me an email with a few questions about building a speaking business, so I made a video to answer her.

Here are the questions:

1. Do you have any tips on the overlaps between associations and corporate audiences?

(She wants to do more corporate events)

2. Do you have any tips on selling services instead of products in conjunction with speaking?

(She doesn’t want to sell from the stage. She wants to do more consulting for the big companies)

3. Is there a timeline for corporate booking?

(How long does it take to get booked)

4. Do you have any tips on making the transition from workshops to keynotes or selling less traditionally ‘inspirational’ content?

(She doesn’t see herself as a traditional inspirational speaker)

5. Have my core outreach methods changed in the recent years?

(How do I get people to open, read, and respond to me?…My Real Secret: I threaten to pimp slap them)

6. Do I let the companies distribute recordings of my presentations?

Those are the questions she asked, and those are the questions I answered.