Rich is a friend I met in high school who showed me a brilliant way for coming across as an in-demand presenter.

In fact, he didn’t just show me, he blew me away with how business-savvy he was. And the new video shows you the brilliant thing he did.

In this new video, we go over how to come across as if you’re very in demand.

And I simply can’t describe what Rich did in any way other than BRILLIANT.

I mean, this guy was a smooth talker. I wish I would have recorded his conversations.

You know how you see movies with the businessman who just knows exactly what to say and when to say it?

Rich was that guy.

I listened to him on cold calls with clients who wanted to hire him and he always came across as busy, even if he wasn’t. That’s what made him fill up his schedule with gigs.

He was the guy in town who got paid more and got more gigs than everyone else around.

So in this video, you’ll see a small part of what he did and you’ll learn about how to come across as someone who’s in-demand.

Once again, it’s brilliant.