I wasn’t going to reveal this information because…well…just because (don’t question me dammit).

When I was building my speaking business, I use to wonder what other speakers were doing to build their. I mean…what were they REALLY doing.

You’re about to watch a video on how I reverse-engineer another speaker’s business to get ideas on what I can do to grow.

Technically, you can do this to my business but if you do, I’ll pimp slap the hell out of you.

Most people don’t know that businesses are built by copying what already works and tweaking it to fit your own business.

…Sam Walton, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, all of them have done it, and anyone who’s anyone does it.

You look to see what works, and model it.

But how can you see what works? How can you see what another speaker is really doing?