You have a speaking gig coming up and you know you should record it, but how exactly should you record? That’s what we go over in this new video.

If you’re not recording ALL your events, you need to slap yourself silly.

The video footage is what sells your presentation. So even if you don’t plan on using the footage (maybe it’s a small crowd or the footage turned out bad, etc) it’s good to record it….just in case.

But now that I’m writing this email, I want to mention another way to record your presentation because I forgot to mention it in the video.

You can set the camera on stage, behind you to get a shot like this…

Just be careful not to make the same mistake I did.

One time I set up the camera behind me on stage, because I wanted to capture the standing ovation from a stage perspective.

What I didn’t think about was the big white board I use at the end of my presentation.

So I put this white board smack dab in the middle of the stage, right in front of the camera. I get the standing ovation, thinking this will look great on camera, only to replay the footage and see a big white board in the way.

That sucked.

So it’s best to record your presentations in the ways that are mentioned in the video.