cha ching record speakingIt’s official…

This month has been a record-breaking month for my speaking business and I’m going to give you a rundown on what’s been happening.

3 things have caused this months revenue to soar:

  1. Getting other people to book speaking gigs for me
  2. Increasing the sense of urgency
  3. Building a more detailed network

Getting Other People To Book Speaking Gigs 

I’ve been secretly building a team of booking agents to find & get speaking gigs for me.

…And this is something I will go over in detail at the Speaking Lifestyle Summit in July.

When you have other people book gigs for you, you get on stages a lot faster and you will be turning down gigs because you’re already booked. The benefits are huge because not only are you marketing yourself, but you have other people doing it too. And because of this, you’ll end up booking more gigs.

But there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way.


Complacency kills businesses.

A speaker (or business) who’s comfortable with the way things are will never fill up their schedule. Because by the very definition…when you’re comfortable, you do nothing to change your circumstances (why would you if you’re comfortable).

But this month, we increased the urgency of what needs to happen in this speaking business. We spent more on advertising. Bigger goals were set. More actions were taken. And it worked.

Most speaker say they’re serious, but their actions tell a different story. They’re too complacent…they don’t have a sense of urgency about their speaking business so they don’t get booked.


Eventually, the speaking gigs you get will come mostly from your referral/spinoff network. When one person sees you speak at an event, other people hire you for their events.

…But it doesn’t happen accidentally and it doesn’t happen just because you give a good presentation.

If you don’t have a process for getting more speaking gigs after you speak, then you’re losing out on tons of gigs.

This month, 3 gigs at $10,000 each were generated simply because of the referral system I have in place. And it’s crucial that you know how to take advantage of speaking opportunities.

Right now, I’m in Atlanta for an event and I booked another event in August…all because of the referral system in place.

I want to show you what I’m really doing in my speaking business and how you can grow yours. Join me, July 11th-12th for the Speaking Lifestyle Summit so I can give you all the details of what I’m doing to stay booked (especially how to get people to book gigs for you).