Today we go on a journey of the fella who’s cold emails didn’t work.

Twas the night before sending out emails at the crack of dawn
The poor fella sent his cold emails but only heard a yawn
The poor fella couldn’t understand
Why people didn’t want to hire this man

He ran up and down the block
Only to lay down…crying…in shock
A ghost town his calendar is
All because he didn’t listen to Benji Bruce about his biz

‘Send out cold emails’ Benji said
It didn’t work for the poor fella and now he’s shaking his head
‘Dammit you dummy’ Benji went on
’The only reason it won’t work is because you’re doing it wrong’

(Ok ok…I’m going to stop before I put Shakespeare to shame.)

This new video is about several reasons why your cold emails aren’t working

You might have contacted people to hire you for events and maybe they didn’t respond. Or maybe they responded at first, and then you never heard back from them.

Most people think what they’re doing doesn’t work, but it usually doesn’t work because of ‘how’ they’re doing it.

So watch this new video to fix the problem with your cold email campaigns.