Notes for Richie

Sounds like a copy/paste template you send everyone

Look for a specific event
• You’re throwing out a net, you should be using a spear

You didn’t do any research on what THEY want
• You included everything ‘passion, engagement, sales, culture’
* Can’t find anything? Say, “What’s the theme for this year’s event?”

Need to sound like a sales guy
• “Richie will make your sales team go bananas at the annual event. Who’s your top sales person? Do you think they’re willing to do something fun with Richie on stage?”
• Don’t sound like them = you’re boring (ex: Wolf Of Wallstreet Steve Madden)
• “Richie gets your sales team ready to CRUSH THEIR QUOTAS, just take a look at the videos on his site www…. And you’ll see what I mean. By the time he’s done, your team will feel like they can fly to the moon and back.”


Notes for Bob’s pitch

Why didn’t you close them on the phone?
You talked, asked questions, next stage is to quote

Shorten it

“Good news, we have your date open (which is great since we are now booking shows right into 2021).”
• Sounds like you’re allowing THEM to choose…doesn’t sound in-demand.

Don’t say “please take a look at www…” – sounds needy
• Say, “It seems like X date has always been popular. We have that date open and I included the quote below. If you need to convince your team, you can tell them that Bob was voted the best variety act at the comedy awards his website has tons of videos they can watch www….. As for the fee, it’s X. We just need a 50% deposit to secure the date and you’re good to go. Do I send the contract to you or someone else?”
• This sound like I’M CHOOSING, not them

The Fee/Quote
• Make the fee breakdown simple, yours is too complicated
• Never quote based on audience size…sounds like you’re gauging them (for being successful)
• If you want other people to see your value, you have to see it

The decision makers
•”Don’t forget to send decision makers to www…”
• Always refer to them as ‘the team’ “You can show your team Bob’s website www. It has tons of videos they can watch.”

Bob didn’t get it so you should ask, who they went with
• Real email I’ve sent…“Ok thanks. Who did you go with so I can break their legs…I mean, who did you go with?”
• I got hired the next year b/c they remembered me (and I followed up)
• Are you keeping them in your CRM to follow up next year?


When you talk to event, ALWAYS think about how you fit in


Notes for Talei

The first part is customized and the rest feels like a template
• “as an event planner…” – Normal convo would use their name “Jane I’m assuming you and your team…”

“Ok perfect…I saw photos of your BIG GAMES event on Face Book. The event looks great! I was wondering if you would be interested in my client as a speaker for your annual events?”
• Doesn’t sound in-demand
• Say, “Ok perfect…I saw your BIG GAMES event and I wanted to introduce you to a motivational speaker named Talei….”
• Then talk about how you fit into their event

They said “thanks for your email. We do not typically hire speakers for our annual gala”
• Galas are more about entertainment, focus on that


When learning to pitch, be more aggressive in the beginning.
• Even if they say “We don’t typically hire speakers…” pursue it anyways
• They say “No” say, “Ok. If you ever need it in the future then here’s his website www…”

Keep asking SO WHAT?
• How does that relate to us? How do you fit into the event?

Dan’s Pitch – Conscious Capitalism Event
They said “Ok but how does he fit in to our event?”
• Their about page: “Conscious Capitalism is a way of thinking about capitalism and business that better reflects where we are in the human journey, the state of our world today, and the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the world.”
• Dan: “In his last business – Gladiator Rock’n run – Dan raised over $250k for Talk About Curing Autism (TACA).”
• Ask, SO WHAT….here’s what follows…“So he’s using his business acumen and fame to show to impact the world.”

To practice ‘fitting into an event’….take two random objects and think about how they’re alike
• Ex Microphone & Remote control = Both enablers of a person’s message SIGHT & SOUND