This is the third Q&A for getting paid speaking gigs.

Here are the questions that were asked and answered in this Q&A…

1. What do you say when you call someone? For example, if you call a meeting planner or if you call an hr person.

2. How do you get over the fear of screwing up the call?

3. What’s the follow up to the initial call? How often do you go back to that meeting planner?

4. Do you model your website based on others?

5. Did you hire someone else to put yours together after you reached a certain point in your career?

6. Do you use a format or template for your speeches?

7. Is innovation better for speeches than the usual “toastmaster” style presentation?

8. Is your entire presentation designed to get standing ovations?

9. What would you recommend to duplicate those results for somebody else?

10. What would you consider the three biggest pieces of advice you’ve received for improving your speaking business?

11. What is the best way to present myself in front of a group of people do I dress casualty or in a suit.

12. What if I’m asked a question that really don’t know how to answer what do I say.

13. How many sales calls a day would be a good number for me to shoot for to book more gigs?