In the Facebook Group, I asked if anyone had questions about growing their speaking business and this is the first video of many where you can listen to the answers.

The questions that were answered are:

Jason – I always hear successful people in any field listen to a lot of audio and read lots of books. What speakers and authors have helped you grow your mindset and your business?

Fiz – What’s the quickest way to get paid corporate speaking gigs and is there a list of agents that help book Motivational Rock-Star Speakers?

Vicki – When you have been out of the business for a while….like 10 years…how do you get people to book you to speak/sing?

Darrell – How do I know when to make a product? And would you know if it’s worth it to market using youtube or is there a better service for a beginning speaker to use to get booked?

-How do I figure out how to get in contact with venues as a poet/musician speaker? How do I start to incorporate those things into my speeches smoothly?

-Should I focus on the marketing while I get speaking gigs? or get speaking gigs first then start spending on marketing?

-what’s a good way to figure out what organizations to speak for?

-I’d like to locate 200 places to contact but I can’t really figure out the kind of places to look for. I have schools in mind but the speakers I know don’t really speak that often. Maybe they speak once a year but they don’t do it often enough to give me too much insight or resources

Quinn – how to launch and leverage live events for maximum profit!

Karen – How can i increase my influence and be seen as an expert in the eyes of my audience members who are a lot older than i am as well as the speakers who are my direct competition, especially when i am not in my mid-20s yet.

James T – How do I grow my speaking business fast?