I have something to tell you…I’m a leprechaun!. Just kidding.

I read somewhere that when you put on a webinar, you have to get people’s attention with something crazy, so I figured that did the trick.

Speaking of webinars…

Do you ever attend them? I don’t. And I bet you don’t either. You probably wait for replays. Why?

Because webinars suck. Here’s how to do it right: (watch the video)

How do most webinars go?

…They spend 30 minutes talking about themselves

…They promise you something big

…They never deliver on that promise

…Then they offer you a product

…And tell you it’s worth $10,000

…But if you get it now, they’ll give it to you for $99


If you’re doing webinars, or you plan on doing webinars…

…please…please…don’t do it the way people are teaching you.

Don’t use the ‘webinar scripts’ …please…for the love of Webinar Gods…please don’t do it.

Watch this new video about how to do webinars the right way: