I was at an event in Florida (if I didn’t live in Vegas, Florida would be my next choice) and this event booked me because of how I promote myself.

My promotion tactics aren’t groud-breaking, they’re just the ways I get booked.

(I’ll take ‘what works’ over ‘new’ any day)

And in this video, we talk about 6 ways you can promote yourself.

When I was at the event, I asked the person responsible for hiring me, why they paid to bring me out (this is something I always do, and something you should do too) and do you know what he said?

“We brought you out because we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring a genius to our event.”

Ok…maybe he didn’t say that. He said they brought me in because I looked like I was ‘exactly what they were looking for.’

When people say that to you, do you know what that means?

It means you did a great job in promoting yourself because they have to make the decision to hire you without actually having seen you speak. And the only way to convince them to hire you is to make sure your promoting yourself the right way (aka, you have the right marketing materials).

In this video, we talk about different ways to promote yourself and how you need to think about it.