You woke up today thinking about me. And I appreciate it but it’s not necessary.

When you woke up today, you asked yourself, “How does that handsome devil Benji Bruce get his content?”

You thought to yourself, “He makes so many Speaking Lifestyle videos so how does he keep producing so much content?”

And here’s the answer:

(watch the video)

You’ll notice that you get so many videos from Speaking Lifestyle that you can’t watch them all.

…Even the ones where I give out lamborgini’s, lotto numbers, Bill Gates’ bank account info…

(oh…you haven’t seen those videos? That’s because you haven’t watched all my videos. Maybe you should watch more.)

I’ve gotten a lot of emails from speakers who wonder how I get my ideas and produce all the content for Speaking Lifestyle.

And it’s not that I’m special (ok…maybe I am, but that’s not the point), I can produce content because of what I talk about in the video.

If you’re going to create more videos, blog posts, podcasts, etc then you have to know how to produce tons and tons of content without running out of ideas.

So if you do what I talk about in the video then you’ll have more content than you can possibly create.

Then it’s just a matter of what to choose from.