You know…I just can’t help being brilliant. I try to tone it down, but it just comes to me. And here’s what came to me this time…

These are really great ways for you to present your testimonials when it comes to marketing yourself…

(watch the video)

As you know, the world is round.

But as you also know, you should get testimonials if you want to speak on more stages.

And what do most people do when they get a testimonial?

They post it on their website. Usually a written testimonial that looks…dare I say…normal.


Some of the smart people (aka…the people watching Speaking Lifestyle) will get video testimonials.

But now it’s time to step up your game. Step it up, stomp it down, and turn it around. (I literally have no idea why I said that)

This new video shows you ways to make your testimonials stand out more than the every day ‘regular testimonial’