In person you have their attention. On camera it’s harder.
-we turn ‘professional’ on camera
-video = no feedback

CONTEXT matters
-In person (hand gestures can distract)
-IG stories = realistic
-Stage/Video = exaggerated
-5min vs Live = Live, harder to keep attention b/c it’s realistic
-You’re the brand vs the product (ex: Divi tutorials)
-Tutorial = no showmanship (ex: Divi tutorials)

Can people guess where you’re going?
-don’t listen to what you say
-we listen to enough and guess at the gist
-cliches disengage your audience
-we feel like we ‘know it’

-No matter what, people won’t like you
-let the emotions come out
-imagine talking to a friend

Start with the main idea
-distill it down to a few words
-Make your ideas simple
-the more detailed, the less people pay attention

Only talk about what you know or your ideas will be basic
-don’t need a teleprompter
-it should only give you a ‘reminder’
-James asked “do you need notes”

How do YOU present?
-high energy?
-wisdom style

Practice to get good
-film daily