The timing on this video is uncanny. But what can I say…that’s how we roll.

A member of the SpeakPro Academy posted about a gig she was contacted for and she was wondering about the budget.

How do you guess an event’s budget?

Whenever an event contacts you to speak, you’re naturally wondering, “What should I charge?”

Now you might be thinking, why not ask for their budget?

Ah young padawan. Many lessons to learn you have.

When you ask them for their budget, they never give you the real amount they can spend. And even if they did, you’re almost obligated to go below whatever they say, or else you’ll lose all trust.

How do you think they would feel if they said, “Our budget is $15,000.” And you say “Yea $15,000 is what I charge.”

They’re thinking, “This mofo…”

So how can you predict an event’s budget without asking for it?

Just watch the video and you’ll see what clues you should be looking for to get an idea of how much they have to spend on you.