Jesse got Event Finder not too long ago and he noticed something…

He noticed that I rarely contact meeting planners and bureaus. Instead, I just go after companies to hire me. Why?

Here’s why:

(watch the video)

I have nothing against bureaus and meeting planners. In fact, if you talk with the right ones then you can fill up your calendar real quick.

But for reasons that I explain in the video, there’s a bigger benefit in contacting companies to hire you.

In the past, I’ve found that ‘getting in’ with a bureau or meeting planner is just the first step.

Once you in with them, you have to get them to recommend you.

And it just so happens that you rarely get recommended…because they don’t know you like they know the people they’ve already been recommending.

So I stopped contacting as many bureaus and planners, and I started using the Event Finder system to build a more consistent business.