You’re in the ‘quote’ phase of your pipeline. You’re about to quote an event and then you say…

“The fee will be $10,000. When would you like to schedule a call to talk more about your event?”

Do you see what’s wrong with that?

Or, you’re sending an email pitch and you say, “My speaking topic is about XYZ…I would love to talk to see if we’re a match.”

When speakers talk to events, they move away from their pipeline without realizing it.

What do you do after you quote a fee for your speaking?

What’s the purpose of your email pitch?

What’s the immediate next step when someone asks your speaking fee?

To fill up your speaking schedule consistently, you have to know the purpose of each stage of your pipeline.

That’s what today’s video is about.

A big mistake speakers make when pitching events is they move away from their pipeline. What do I mean by this?

Imagine a salesperson coming into your house to sell you knives. He starts out by showing you how these knives cut through anything and you’re intrigued.

Then he starts asking you questions about the fishing picture he sees. Then he asks you questions about your family photos. Before you know it, you two are having a normal conversation….which has nothing to do with knives.

What did this knife salesman do wrong? He came in with a purpose (sell knives) and now he is moving away from that purpose by talking about fishing, your family, etc.

Most people think this is building rapport but it’s not. Any professional salesperson will tell you that the knife guy should have stayed focused to demonstrate how well the knives are, then sell them.

Speakers do exactly what the knife guy did.

They start out with a main objective and then they start moving away from their pipeline…thinking they’re building rapport when in reality, they’re losing the sale.

So watch today’s video about staying focused on your pipeline.