A friend and I were chatting about his personal brand. He’s a teacher and he wants to build a personal brand in his subject…leadership. So I told him to create content.

Several weeks later, he put out his first video. And my response was “Man, you gotta put out content a lot faster. The tortoise doesn’t beat the hare in this game.”

The reason it took him so long is because he’s a perfectionist. And that’s why I made this video to show my content workflow when using my phone.

In this video, you’ll see me create the video, edit the video, create the thumbnail, the whole sha-bang, in 13 minutes…unedited. Yes that’s right, this is filmed with no cutaways.

Most people take too long with everything they do.

Whether it’s building their website, contacting events, creating content, etc. They don’t have a sense of urgency, and that lack of urgency kills your dreams.

So in this video, you’ll see the entire process I use to create content with my phone.