Would you like me to personally help you get booked on stages?

I’m looking for a keynote speaker that I can get speaking gigs for.

If you’re that speaker, I will personally work with you one-on-one in your business to help you book gigs in the next 12 months.

You Pay Nothing Out Of Pocket, Ever.

Here’s why.

The first thing I’m going to do for you is to personally help you create a strategic plan to find and contact events (regardless of your speaking topic or where you live).

There’s no charge for this and it only takes about 30 minutes for us to do together.

(After doing this type of thing for my entire life [I’ve literally never had a job], I’ve gotten pretty good at getting speakers booked on stages consistently).

Anyway, I’ll even do most of the heavy lifting for you…telling you exactly how to fix your website, find events, contact those events with the right email templates, setup your CRM, and more. 

At the end of this initial planning session one of three things will happen:

1. You’ll love the plan and decide to implement it on your own. If this is the case, I’ll wish you the best of luck and ask that you keep in touch with me to let me know how you’re doing.

2. You love the plan and ask to join our online SpeakPro Academy program so I can personally help you execute to get hired ASAP.

If that’s the case, I’ll do everything in my power to help you get booked on stages. And that’s a promise. Every speaker who implements and participates daily gets booked. Literally. Every. Single. One.

Why? Because we don’t stop working with you. The only time we stop is if you stop showing up. 

3. In the unlikely and unprecedented event that you feel like you wasted your time on this call, I will refund your $100 immediately. No questions asked. Your time is your most valuable asset you have, and I respect that.

It really is that simple and there’s no catch.

Think about this.

The “worst” that can happen is you get your money back for “wasting” 30 minutes of your time.

The best that can happen is we work together to get you booked on stages consistently.

That’s Why This Is The Closest Thing To FREE MONEY You’ll Ever See.

Here’s how it’ll work:

First, we get on the phone and go over your speaking business as it currently is. 

I’ll take a look at what you’ve got, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve going forward.

Once we have the raw materials, I help you come up with a strategic plan of action for booking speaking gigs consistently. 

There are a number of ways we will help you get booked. 

For example, we will make sure you have a list of way to find events so you never run out of event leads. We will go over your sequence for how you contact events, what you’re saying, and so on.

If your website needs to be updated, we will show you how to get one up within the week (a really good website) whether you’re good with technology or not. 

So Why Would I Offer this?

Two reasons:

First of all, I’m obsessed with marketing. 

I want speakers I can brag about, like Dave Davlin who did almost a quarter-million in a year (you’ll see a few stories below). I want the outliers, not the average.

Second of all, it’s how we attract people into the SpeakPro Academy program.

Here’s how that works:

Assuming you’re happy and you want me to work with you all the time on your speaking business, you’ll probably want to continue working together long term so I can help you get booked consistently.

If this is the case, I’ll invite you to join the SpeakPro Academy.

The SpeakPro Academy is $1,997 per year or $4,997 for lifetime access. But if you think about it, it really doesn’t “cost” you anything.


Because I expect to make you much more than what you invest …and if we keep working together over the next 12 months, I’m confident I can get you enough speaking gigs to cover the cost of the entire program …at minimum.

Actually, I can give you a plan to get yourself booked on a stage during our first conversation – which is free!

So you’ll see the value by the time we hang up the phone – without ever spending a dime.

And look. If you don’t want to join the SpeakPro Academy, don’t worry about it. You won’t get any sales pitch or pressure from me of any kind, ever.

My stuff works, and I know that if we work together, you’ll get on more stages on a consistent basis.

Consider this:

We’ve helped tons of speakers get booked (I can’t list all the screenshots because you would be scrolling forever, so here are a few)…



This Is NOT For Everybody. Here’s Who I CAN Help:

I’m VERY picky about who I’ll speak with and I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

Here it is:

(Make sure you list the set of criteria that will allow you to get the exact type of client you can get the fastest results for. If you can get results only for people who can spend $5,000 a week on advertising, then list it)

1. You must have something you can show me

I need to see you’ve done something with your speaking business. Whether it’s a website, video, something. Just saying “I’m meant for this. Speaking is my calling” isn’t enough. You’re too new. I need to see that you’ve done more than ‘talk’ a good game. 

2. You must buy a CRM

If you don’t know what a CRM is or don’t have one, that’s ok. You have to be willing to buy one (they’re not expensive at all). The CRM is how you systematize the process for getting yourself booked. You’re playing with the big boys now so you have to start acting like a real business.

3. You must have a presentation

We don’t teach speakers how to create a keynote speech. I’m assuming that you already have a great presentation or you’re going to work on it. Because we only focus on the business side of the speaking business, not presentation skills. 

4. You MUST follow directions & implement

After all, if you don’t actually implement the stuff I give you, neither one of us will make money.

If you’re the type of speaker who wants someone to book gigs for you while you give them a commission, this is NOT for you. We’ve found that speakers with this mindset literally do nothing (because they expect other people to grow their business for them)

That’s it! Those are all my requirements.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next


If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to me personally about getting you booked on stages, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Here’s how the process works:

First, you’ll need to fill in an application. Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive.

I just need to know a little bit about yourself and what you’ve done with your speaking business so far. 

I’m also asking for a “real person” deposit of $100

Don’t worry, I could care less about your $100

I’m just using it as a “filter” to keep the time-vampires at bay.

I’ll give it back right after we hang up (unless I take you as a client – and in that case, I can apply it to your balance)

Here’s What Will Happen After That.

Once I have your “real person” deposit and your application, you’ll schedule your call via a calendar-scheduling app. 

Our call will be about 20-25 minutes.

This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly what you want …and how to make it happen.

I’ll show you how to improve your website, show you how to find events, show you how to setup your process for contacting those events, and so on. 

If you see the value in becoming a SpeakPro Academy member, great! I’ll simply ask if you want to join and that’s that. 

And if you don’t want to become a SpeakPro Academy member – that’s OK too. I’ll return your deposit as soon as we hang up. No biggie.

So you literally can’t lose.

(By the way – I’ve never had anyone feel like their time was wasted, EVER. I DELIVER.)


This opportunity is extremely limited because there’s only so much time I can spend talking on the phone.

Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people.

Also, you should realize there’s a very large demand for personal one-on-one help from me. This is not a marketing-ploy and we aren’t sure how long we will be doing these calls. 

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, leave your application and let’s talk.

Talk soon,

Speaking Lifestyle


Oh yea, I almost forgot to show you some of the speakers we’ve helped get booked. These are the speakers I brag about because they put in the work. These are the outliers, not the average (average people get nothing done).