Speaker Outreach Campaigns

We reach out to events on your behalf to get you booked on more stages

We help keynote speakers get booked on stages

We are limited in the number of speakers we can work with so you must have (non-negotiable):

A speaker website

Video footage

A speech we can sell

We create outreach campaigns for keynote speakers to get you booked on stages


If you hate reaching out to events and would rather outsource it to a team, give us a call.

We find stages for you to speak on.

We use a customized cold-email outreach campaign to contact events on your behalf.

Then we set up a follow up campaign to stay in contact with the events when they need you.

Show Up To The Gig And Let Us Do The Rest


Every month we find events for you and we reach out to these events on your behalf. As we contact these events, we also do all the follow up and send you reports on what we’re doing. We schedule calls between you and the events to get you booked on stages conssitently.

Find & Contact

We will find events that hire speakers for your topics and we will contact the on your behalf.

Follow Up Sequence

We follow up with the events to make sure we maximize your odds of getting on stages.

Schedule Calls

We schedule calls between you and the meeting planner of the events so you can get hired.

Speaker Outreach Campaigns

Outreach Campaigns

We set up your entire outreach campaign for getting on stages. We create the email templates to pitch events on your behalf. And we create all the follow up campaigns to keep you top-of-mind with the meeting planners.

Don’t waste time reaching out to events by yourself. Let our sales team do it.

We customize the outreach campaigns to your specific niche as a speaker. First, we get a clear idea on what type of stages you want to speak on and then we set up your outreach campaign to get you. on those stages.

Message To Market Match & The Pitch

We start by studying the speaker to figure out the message-to-market match.

What type of events do you want to speak at?

What type of events hired you in the past?

This will help us figure out your pitch.

Your pitch is based on the social proof you have and your message.

Next, we start finding events that fit your target market…

We Start Finding Events For You To Speak At

We build a list of events we intend to contact on your behalf and we put it into a spreadsheet (you’ll get a copy of all the events).

How do we find the events?

We have several methods of finding events but our favorite is to use Google. We do a keyword research based on your speaking topic and build a list of events. We also seek out speakers similar to you and we study who hired them in the past. Then we contact those companies because we know they hire speakers in your fee range. There are several ways to find events.

What information do I get?

You get all the leads we contacted on your behalf and the leads we didn’t have time to contact. We mostly focus on collecting the website info & email because that’s the only information we need to start reaching out. 

Events This Week

The Real Work Starts

It’s time to start reaching out to events on your behalf

We customize the emails for every event and we test it vs an automated follow up campaign.

We use an outreach software which allows us to create campaigns that automate the follow up. We create an automation for different target markets to see which events respond best to you.

Then we test the automations against customized emails. Our sales team customizes the pitch to every event so each email is a little different. 

We’re not done yet. Now we start testing to see what works best!

Which events respond best? 

We’ve found that every speaker is a little different. And events respond to each speaker in different ways. So we test which emails get the best open rates, click rates, and response rates. And whichever one wins, that’s the one we use. 

Figuring out patterns

We’re always looking for patterns in which events respond the best and which events are more likely to hire you as a speaker. If a lead responds to an email within 10 minutes, are they more likely to hire? That’s what we learn.

Let’s Get Started