Every now and again, I do something that’s so brilliant that it makes me wonder if Einstein was as smart as me. And this is one of those moments.

When contacting events, people used to respond by saying things like, “We don’t hire speakers.” Or, “We only hire industry-related speakers.”

And I used to be a wuss so I would just move on.

If you’ve ever contacted someone to hire you to speak, then you’ve probably heard one of these responses:

“We don’t pay speakers”

“We only hire industry-related speakers”

“We already have our speakers”

And what do you do when that happens? You probably do what I did…nothing. But what should you do instead?

What you’re about to watch is something that came from a moment of ‘anger’…I just got mad that so many people kept saying the same thing.

But you know what?

…It worked.

…Like a boss.