If you’ve contacted people to hire you, you’ve gotten the response, “We already have speakers for this event. Thanks though.”

I hate it when that happens. But here’s what I do about it:

When someone says they already have speakers lined up, it doesn’t bother me at all. But why? (You’ll see when you watch the video)

I know that whether an event already has speakers or not, I can still get hired for that event.

And no, it’s not because of my good looks (I know that’s what you were thinking).

It’s because I know how to get around objections people have when they hire speakers.

Objections like, “We already have speakers” or “Our event just passed” or “We think you’re Gods gift to earth.”

I have answers to all of those.

So watch the video because it will show you how to respond to people if you want to fill up your schedule.