If you’re a professional speaker then you should easily be making six figures. If not, you’re doing something wrong and here’s what it is.

The speaking industry is a high-profit margin industry. Almost all the money you make goes back into your pocket. And speakers have a high perceived value so charging a good amount isn’t the problem.

When a speaker tells me they’re not making at least six figures, after a little questioning, the answer is obvious…

…But they don’t see it.

In the video, you’ll see why speakers have a hard time getting to a six-figure income (I used to do it all the time until I slapped the eyebrows off my face to get me to stop).

When you’re banging your head against the wall, wondering why things aren’t going the way you thought they would, then that’s a sign that something needs to change. You need to change.

It’s hard to admit, but it’s true.

So come close…….



….[pimp-slap]. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you can stop banging your head against the wall and watch this video on why speakers struggle to make six-figures.