I constantly get emails that go something like this…

“You’re an entertainer so that’s why you built your speaking business so fast. But what about the rest of us? What if we only speak and can’t do the mind reading stuff?”

You speak, I speak, we all speak. But some speakers do things that add more to the ‘speaking.’ So how do you compete if you don’t do all that ‘extra stuff?’

First off, don’t complain. Nobody likes a wuss.

Second of all, watch the video.

The speaking business is competitive and nobody will play you on an even playing-field.

…Nor should you expect them to.

Don’t expect someone to come down to your level, rise up to theirs…and then surpass them (stick your tongue out as you pass them by just for kicks and giggles).

If you’ve seen my videos on YouTube (the videos of me on stage, not the Speaking Lifestyle videos) and you said to yourself, “Yea but he’s an entertainer.” Then you DEFINITELY need to watch this video.