50 Cent (the rapper) can teach speakers a thing or two about becoming known. 50 Cent mastered the ability to NewsJack.

Awhile ago, I mentioned in a few videos that you should be newsjacking to get publicity (especially if you’re a leadership speaker) but a few people sent me emails asking me to explain newsjacking.

50 Cent became ‘The 50 Cent’ by Newsjacking another rapper named Ja Rule.

And as a speaker, you can get publicity by Newsjacking. In fact, you’re much more likely to get publicity by doing it than if you come up with your own ideas. (You’ll see why after watching the video)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

…Benefits of newsjacking

…How to newsjack (the right way)

…What to newsjack

And if you’re a leadership speaker…you NEED to be doing this right now (while the Presidential elections are still going on)