As you know, I’m a speaker. What you don’t know…is that I know a porn-star.

The other day this porn-star and I went to a bar…

(Just to keep my record clear from the FBI…aka my mom…I still don’t drink, so you’ve got nothing to worry about)

…and as we’re sitting down at one of the tables, just talking, someone bumps into the table and BAM…this porn-star spills her drink all over.

I said, “Hurry, grab that napkin!” (it was right behind her)

…and you know what she said?

“What else can I use?” (I kid you not)

Now what in the world does this have to do with speaking?

Speakers ask me, “What are some new ways to get speaking gigs that don’t involve emailing or cold calling?”

This girl was asking for a ‘new way to clean up the mess’ and speakers ask for a ‘new way to get gigs’…see where I’m going with this?

Speakers hate sending emails and they hate cold calling to get gigs. So what are some new ways to get speaking gigs? Watch the video.