Yesterday I was doing an event for Aflac and everyone loved it…but the magic didn’t happen until after everything was over.

If there’s one thing you MUST do to book more speaking engagements, you have to develop your referral/spinoff system. For every gig you speak at, you should book at least 3 more.

And this is what happened with Aflac…

The event was a ‘train the trainers’ type of event. So everyone who was attending this event, also puts on their own event. This instantly put me in front of tons of people who could hire me for their own meetings.

After I did my thing on stage, I grabbed some video testimonials and more importantly, I went to hang out at the hotel bar with everyone.

What did this do?

Well…lets just say that my calendar will be pretty full.

I met the President of Aflac (she’s really cool) and I also talked with several people about bringing me to their events.

When you hang out with everyone after your gig, people notice. And last night, 4 people commented on it. The guy who hired me for the first Aflac event mentioned how it’s cool that I don’t just present and leave. Then another person mentioned it, and another….

When growing your speaking business, little details matter.

There’s a lot more to a referral system than just hanging out at the bar after your gig. But you need to make sure you have a process for booking more gigs. If you don’t, you’ll have a hard time keeping your calendar full.

I’ll talk more about the details at the Speaking Lifestyle Summit so make sure you sign up today before the price increases on Sunday.