“My market is different”…tons of speakers say this to me. (I would prefer they say, “Benji you’re the greatest human being that ever lived.” But whatever.)

So what do you do if your market is different?

If you’ve ever tried to give someone marketing advice (not just speakers…but anyone) then here’s what they always say,

“Yea, but my market is different. That won’t work in my kinda business.”

It happens every time. And speakers say the same thing when I tell them how to get on stages.

The conversation usually goes like this,

Speaker: “I speak about [insert topic] and I want to find more events to deliver my message. Btw, you’re so smart.”

Me: “I know. Ok, do this, this, and this.”

Speaker: “That wouldn’t work because my market is different. So what else can I do? Btw, I wish you were my kid instead of the kids I have now.”

So let me ask yo this…

Do you think your market is different? What should you do if your market is different?