People are constantly asking me what my daily activities are, and if I could make a video on it.

When I started my speaking business, I did one thing day and night…send emails. But now I do a lot more.

I got a message from a guy named Rob who said, “One thing I like about how you structure your programs is you don’t seem to hold back and leave things out.”

The reason for that is because there’s so much crap out there that I wanted to show people how it really works, whether you like it or not. Reality has a way of weeding out the wannabes.

And the same goes for the videos you get in these emails.

I want to show you how things really work, not the theory that makes people feel good.

Some people don’t watch it because it can get technical instead of motivational.

You can sit down and watch motivational videos all day. You can ‘like’ motivational quotes on Instagram all day. But when it comes down to it, the real business owners are consistently boring.

What I mean by that is simple; everyday, I would prospect like a madman…for years.

If you were to see my ‘daily activity’ when I was getting on stages, you would see me sitting at a desk, sending out emails and doing nothing else…consistent and boring.

Now we are transitioning into building the online training for the companies rather than just speaking at the events so the daily activities have changed.

But getting hired to speak is easy when you have a process in place. The hard part is consistency.

Most people think consistency means ‘a couple weeks or months’. But if you can keep doing it for years, that’s how you win.

The video for today is one part of that consistency.