Not too long ago, a speaker asked multiple questions about presentation skills and the business side of speaking.

Here are the questions that were asked and answered in this video…

…”What are some games, exercises, techniques, etc. a speaker can use to get 100% full audience participation?”

…”What are your thoughts on the role of music in a speaking gig? I use music and saw Tony Robbins use it and I do for a couple parts, but most speakers seem not to.”

…”What are some creative (i.e. not just using a projector) ideas to make a speech more visual?”

….”You said not to go out of character in a video and not to “force it.” You said you’re not a funny guy and showed a clip at Aflac of you being funny by not trying to be funny. Theater instructors say this too. But how do you discover your natural character and know what your character is? Can’t a natural personality be unpredictable and totally different depending on mood? Or change after a turning point in life?”

…”Are there any actionable steps a speaker can take to smile good on stage? In some cases, it can be much harder to smile naturally under pressure.”

…”How does age affect likelihood of being booked? If someone 13 tries to build an image to book a $10,000 speaking gig, will he or she face an uphill battle due to not being taken seriously? If someone 60 tries to build an image to book a $10,000 speaking gig, will people prefer a younger guy? What exactly does the age spectrum look like?”

…”What is the story behind speaking agents? Are they generally speakers themselves first and failed? Or got so successful the referrals were massive and they decided to do something with them? Are there usually sales employees first for companies that have nothing to do with entertainment?”

And the answers are in the video