definition: the impetus(force) gained by a moving object


Problem: Most people don’t get things done or start/stop


Story: Living with a friend & schedule days to prospect. Got momentum, then stopped.

  • Hard to get back


Story 2: Facebook ads were going, I had to stop to change the website & didn’t start until two months later

  • Made excuses about ‘creating content’


Momentum makes you an unstoppable force

  • Makes you obsessed by generating thoughts because you have to keep up
  • Sense of urgency
  • You get excited and feel like you can (and should) do more


I went out for walks and felt hyped because of the energy a walk creates

I did weekly calls and got hyped at the end of the calls on Sundays to keep working


E=mc2 … energy becomes mass

  • I don’t care if it’s not true, let me believe in Santa Claus
  • Under the right conditions, energy can become mass and vice versa
    • The energy you have, actively creates something physical
    • Ex: Thoughts in my head became a book on restaurant magic
      • It never existed, until it did


Get into the habit of making decisions

  • You won’t make ‘right’ decisions all the time
  • Think ‘speed’ first. Then worry about being ‘right’ later
    • You can fix wrong decisions
    • But you’re stuck if no decision has been made


Excuses & reasons destroy momentum

  • PT Barnum didn’t have the money to buy Joice Heth but figured it out
    • He committed and figured it out later. NO EXCUSES MODE
    • Momentum makes you commit and figure it out later
    • Iterate your way to success
  • People say ‘it’s about quality’ or ‘do it right the first time’ so nothing happens in their life


Momentum is created when you feel like you’re on a mission

  • People say ‘set goals’ because you’re on a mission


Just get out there and do something


definition: the impetus(force) gained by a moving object

  • BECOME the moving object that turns ideas into reality through practical execution