Do this and your life will change


I couldn’t get myself to do the work I knew I should be doing


People aren’t successful b/c they don’t do the things that make them a success

  • We know what to do but we don’t do it


The moment things changed…

  • Outside force: Got fired from all the restaurants
    • Didn’t want to do it anymore…too small
  • I was afraid I would have to get a job
    • I cried
  • I decided I had enough
    • I wanted money
    • I wanted to prove to haters


Came across a multimillionaire who scheduled his days


So I scheduled my days & used Pomodoro Technique

  • Made the days simple:
    • Monday = Find events (90 min segments)


Got me clear on

  • Where I’m going
  • What to do


Start by getting clear on the WHAT?

  • What’s the end result I want?
  • What do I need to do to get it?

Keep the activities to a minimum

  • Not about doing a lot, it’s about getting a lot done


I kept asking,

  • “Is this THE most important thing?”
  • “Is there anything more effective to replace this with?”
    • Your mind can justify anything so I need to make sure it’s the best activity
  • “What if I don’t do this for a month?”
  • “If I did this for a year straight, what would happen?”
    • This was the most important question
    • Shows me the end result of the activity
    • “If I cold email all day for a year” = I’ll get booked eventually
  • Goal of questions = Make sure I’m doing THE most important thing


You have to adjust based on how you’re responding

  • I tried to schedule bathroom breaks – didn’t work – stopped scheduling
  • Tired midday = workout & eat fish
    • I was unfocused when hungry


When building online business….

  • I schedule when to create content, etc
    • Created 20-30 videos at once
    • Wrote 20-30 emails at once
    • Schedule it….was done with everything in 3-4 days
  • I stopped doing it & became ineffective
    • Didn’t get as many sales, etc
  • Started again = I hit 100k/mo


Scheduling everything gives you a…

  • Clear idea of where you’re going
  • Sense of whether you’re doing the right things

You see the big picture

  • How each action will produce a result


Must be CLEAR when it goes on your calendar

  • Don’t just put ‘marketing’ on the calendar
  • Put ‘write notes for 3 videos’ ‘film 3 videos’ ‘edit videos’
  • Put ‘Find events using #meetingprofs on Instagram’


Life doesn’t ‘get in the way’ b/c you create your life by changing how you spend your time

  • Treat your schedule like a meeting with your Idol
    • Friend shows up, you don’t just ditch your Idol


Not a coincidence CEOs have assistants following them with a calendar


Get pass the frustration & boredom

  • You can schedule b/ boredom is the unforseen circumstance
  • Story: My prospecting game (beat myself)
  • Associate end-goal with the activity
    • At the time, it was just money
  • Mission – keep reminding yourself
    • I think back to The Bruce who struggled & needed help


It’s not about doing what you love, it’s about doing what you must

  • Become obsessed – can’t stop if you wanted to
    • Mission = obsession
  • I hated prospecting but HAD to do it
  • Discipline yourself