When I first started marketing myself as a speaker, I realized something…

I was talking like a wuss.

Whenever I sent an email to get hired, I would say things like, “If you would consider me…” or “Thank you for your reply. My speaking topic is….”

Wow…what a wuss.

It wasn’t until I started talking like an in-demand speaker that I became one.

So this new video shows you how to talk like a million dollar speaker…

Think about it like this…

Tony Robbins is busy as hell. So wouldn’t a conversation be completely different if a meeting planner were talking to him versus an unknown speaker? Of course it would.

The conversation would go something like this:

Tony Robbins: “Hey this is Tony. No…not Tony The Tiger…Tony Robbins. Listen up, I’ll be speaking in your area in a few months and I’ll be back there again next year for an event. You can bring me in for your keynote while I’m there. Just remember to have my room filled with red gummy bears. You got that? I said…do…you…got…that? Ok good.”

Ok, maybe it won’t go down exactly like that.

But Tony will definitely speak like an in-demand speaker, because he is one.

Most speakers lose gigs because they talk like a speaker who has no gigs. And if you talk like you’ve got nothing going on, then nobody wants to have anything to do with you.

So make sure you watch today’s video because it will help you get more gigs at higher prices.