Yesterday I had a conversation with a guy who works at TMZ and he used to film videos for a guru named Tai Lopez.

His biggest problem is…monetizing an audience.

His expertise is ‘video’ and one of his videos about Elon Musk got 600k views. But how does he monetize his expertise?

You’ll get to see how I help him flesh out his million dollar business idea for monetizing an audience.

This is how business ideas are really created. You’ll see it start out as one idea and then evolve into a really cool ‘million dollar idea’ by the end.

And I want you to notice how we develop the idea so it’s specific to him. The best business you can create is one that’s hard to duplicate.

His unique situation (working for TMZ and Tai Lopez), allows for an idea that would be hard for others to implement the way he can.

You’ll see what I mean when he mentions the people he has access to.