When you woke up this morning and didn’t see an email from me, I bet you freaked out.

Your whole world came crashing down.

You woke up and you noticed there was no email from me in your inbox this morning, and you said,

“OMG, is the world being overrun by zombies? Is Benji Bruce…(gulp)…dead?”

Please…please…stop freaking out, stop spreading rumors, and just watch today’s video…

Mike isn’t a speaker, he’s an entertainer. But that doesn’t matter, because when you’re marketing yourself…you’re marketing yourself.

Mike wants to know how I would change his website to get him more gigs and boy oh boy…there’s a lot to change.

(If you know you need to improve your website, this video is for you)

Side note: Zombies can’t hold me. I would beat them to death…again.