I get it, you’re wondering how I have better video production than the multi-billion dollar movie companies. But what if you’re filming with your iPhone?

I created a new video for you that shows you different microphones you can use for your phone.

In this video, you get to hear my beautiful voice on different microphones that you can use with your smartphone.

Not too long ago, my friend told me THE most important thing when it comes to filming is…audio.

(I thought it was lighting…but nope…you can have the best lit video and if the audio sucks, the entire video sucks).

And since he told me this, I started paying more attention to how I sound on video. And I have to say, I sound like a butterfly in the wind.

If you want to sound like a butterfly in the wind, then watch this video and see which microphone you like the best.

Then buy it.

(You will hear how these microphones sound indoors and outdoors).


You don’t notice how bad your regular phone audio sounds until you get something better. And when people are watching your videos, they will thank you…

…not literally.

But they will thank you with their attention. Because they will pay more attention to your videos when the audio sounds great.