Not too long ago, Michael sent me an email and asked, “How would you have responded differently?”

So this video breaks down a conversation with a meeting planner (to get hired)…

Listen closely to why I say what I say because it’s the difference between getting hired versus losing the gig.

Whenever someone asks you, ‘What do you speak about’ or ‘What does it cost’ etc, you need to get really good at answering the right way.

Because if you don’t, one of two things will happen…

1. A giant green elephant will walk into your front yard, do a double-backflip on your car, then go into your fridge and eat all your food. True story.

2. Or…you’ll lose the gig and they will just say ‘we went with someone else’

This new video breaks down a conversation so you know how to answer the next email you get.

At first, Michael asked about their event and they replied by asking him ‘what do you do’ and ‘what do you charge’

And now the fun begins with how I dissect his answer: