One of my favorite books on persuasion is called “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer.

In the book, he talks about persuading the masses. And to persuade, you have to paint a picture of the bright future that’s ahead of someone, not the ugly reality that awaits.

And you’ll notice it’s true. If you tell people the reality, they go to someone else that will paint a rosy-future.

But I’m going to do the opposite for today because people need to see what they’re in for.

Yesterday we had our private SpeakPro Academy call and this video is a conversation I had with one of the members.

He was asking great questions and he’s really focused on how to improve what he’s doing.

To give you some context, the email sequence for getting gigs is:
Send the first email asking ‘who hires the speakers’
They reply ‘I do’ or ‘X person does’
You pitch them

But he was getting a lot of ‘not interested’ responses before he even sent the pitch.

It would be like a guy walking up to a girl, saying “Hi” and she immediately says, “I have a boyfriend.”

The reality of growing your speaking business is a lot worse than you think (yes, you read that right).

It’s harder than you think and it will take longer than you think (especially if you go at it alone).

And I’m saying this because you need to be prepared for 99% of what you do to not work. Prepare yourself for the frustration.

But if you can keep going until you find that 1%, you’ll be living the life other people could have, if only they didn’t quit.

In this video, we are dissecting small problems he is having with his cold emailing.

Listen very closely because there are tons of nuggets in this video.

And understand, this is the reality.

Prepare for it and kick it’s ass.