I’m not going to talk about Donald Trump in terms of politics (I mean lets be honest, we all know that Benji Bruce should be president)…

…But I do want to talk about what Donald knows about ‘starting out’

When you’re marketing yourself, you can’t do what someone who’s established does.

And here’s a quote from Donald Trump when he started, “I couldn’t sell him on my experience, so I sold him on my energy.”

Marketing yourself in the beginning stages of your business is completely different and you have to get more creative.

So watch the video.

I keep telling people to get tons of testimonials videos. Get tons of video footage. Tons of photos. Tons of social proof.

But in the beginning, you don’t have any of it. And that’s why you have to get creative.

Donald Trump knew what to do in the beginning…because he probably learned it from me.

Yea yea…I know he’s older than me. But somehow, I don’t know how, he learned it from me.

p.s. Either Will Smith or Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson would be my VP pick. I haven’t decided yet.