Notes from the video:

How do you make your presentations more interactive without being a cheesy speaker?

I don’t know about you, but I HATE the forced interaction that speakers use…things like ‘shake your neighbors hand’ ‘everyone raise your hand’ ‘stand up and shake yourself’

It’s who you are as a speaker, not the interactive portion of your speech

  • It’s not cheesy when Tony Robbins tells people to stand up
  • Don’t do something just for the ‘interaction’…that’s what makes it cheesy
  • Must have a purpose
    -ex: “everyone stand up and grab a coin”

Aflac audience coin
If people are experiencing YOU then the demonstrations are natural.

But if they’re being told to do a demonstration, just for the interaction itself, then the demonstration is un-welcomed. Interaction has very little to do with the presentation itself, and everything to do with who you are.

Is it something ‘in character’ ?

Take ‘words’ and make them physical/tangible

  • Penn & Teller Vaccine Example…it could have been a boring chart (12% this, 45% this, etc)…but they put a glass on one side and no glass on the other and threw balls


  • Interaction is mental, not physical
    -ex: Numbers routine (people are fixated)