I know I said 6 figures, but this could have easily have been a 7 figure business…and I lost out on it.

Every day you wake up and you think, “Benji Bruce is one freakin’ smart guy.”

Then as you eat breakfast you think, “Benji Bruce is just a genius…my goodness.”

And when you’re talking to your kids you’re thinking, “I wish I loved my kids as much as I loved Benji Bruce.”

So please, don’t think bad of me when you watch this video where I talk about how I lost out on a big business opportunity.

There are tons of people out there who want to present on stages.

And lots of these people were successful in one business, but when they decide they want to speak for a living, they get pimp slapped by the speaking industry and it doesn’t turn out so well.

That’s how I lost out on a six/seven-figure income stream for another business.

I do really well in the corporate market. And then I saw an opportunity in another market.

So what did I do about it?

You’ll find out in the video.